Greater Clear Lake Families Exploring Down Syndrome Sign in
Fourth Annual
Step Up Walk Fundraiser

October 19, 2013
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Falcon Pass Elementary
Clear Lake, Texas

Anna's Angels - Team Captain: Alicia Dague


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*Anna's Angels*

Ever since Anna's birth NINE YEARS AGO we have been very blessed with great support; people who believe in Anna and her potential.  We have been fortunate to be a part of GCLFEDS since its inception where we have gained the support of others with a family member(s) with Down syndrome as well as provided with information that will continue to help us as we guide Anna to reach her goals.

We are committed to raising awareness about Down syndrome as well as educating people that a complete and happy life is possible for people with disabilities.

About Greater Clear Lake Families Exploring Down Syndrome:

  • Greater Clear Lake Families Exploring Down Syndrome is a non-profit organization which serves the families of children and adults with Down syndrome and interested professionals on the south and east sides of Houston.
  • Founded in 2007, GCLFEDS was formed by parents of children with Down syndrome who recognized the need for support and resources on the southeast side of Houston and outlying areas.
  • GCLFEDS provides families with support, information and encouragement to help all individuals with Down syndrome achieve their dreams.
  • GCLFEDS works to insure individuals with Down syndrome are included in community activities, neighborhood schools and the business community, to benefit both the individual and their community.


Team Goal



Team Donors

Veillon Family
Will Alberty
Amanda Berger
Bethany Bland
Cindy Blatzer
Coach Brogan
Christina Brown
Burch Family
Flor Cacho
Randy & Jan Casey
Darrin & Jill Crow
Phil Dague
Debra Dickey
Randee Sue Dupin
Amanda Faulkner
Sophia Faulkner
Alex and Natalie
Jody, Corey and Phoebe Hobbs
The Jones Family (Laurie)
Gerald and Susan Livingston
Connie Markley
Courtney Martin
The Melton Family
Courtney Robertson
Jan Saunders
Sherry Shiflet
The Shoemakers
Kim Sonnen
Stratton Family
Father's Joy
Denise Terry
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Thompson
Robyn Thompson
Toussaint Family
Jack and Nicholas Watson
Mike & Dee Williams

Team Roster

Amanda Berger
Lily Berger
Jordan Breedlove
Christina Brown
Alicia Dague
Anna Dague
Chris Dague
Collin Dague
Pat Dague
Debra Dickey
Benjamin Elizalde
Claudia Elizalde
Javiera Elizalde
Amanda Faulkner
Sophia Faulkner
Caroline Gordon
Charles Gordon
Jillian Gordon
Kathy Gordon
Andy Narvaez
Drew Narvaez
Emma Narvaez
Jana Narvaez
Jennifer Robinson
Julia Robinson
Vincent Robinson
Christopher Shick
Jennifer Shick
Rob Shick
Robbie Shick
Sherry Shiflet
Sharon Taylor
Carson Thomas
Kacy Thomas
Taylor Thomas
Robyn Thompson
Ivy Toussaint
Mason Toussaint
Milissa Toussaint
Nadia Toussaint
Jack Watson
Nicholas Watson